Award winning high quality suppliers to our customers


Since 1974, we have worked with some of the best domestic and international business as their suppliers. We have strived hard to be their supplier of choice. Below are some of our customers and we are extremely proud to be a part of their value chain. We have also won numerous awards and recognitions and constantly work on exceeding their expectations.

Shree Electricals and Shree Industrial Group Companies are committed to building high quality products in the most cost effective way. We are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified and have met a comprehensive set of standards dictated by the International Standards Organization (ISO) covering all aspects of the business: design, development, sales, manufacturing, and service.

  • iso 9001-2008 certificate
  • Quality Management Principles

    Customer Focus

    Meet customer requirements, understand current and future customer needs and strive to exceed customer expectations

    Leadership & Involvment of People

    Create and maintain the internal environment in which all employees can become fully involved in achieving our objective of "Cost effective value creation"

    Continous Improvement

    Drive Continuous improvement in all our processes and goals

    Data driven descision making

    Analyze Data & Information to make informed decisions